OUPV / Six Pack Captains License Course


Welcome to Captains Marine On-Line.

Course completion should take approximately 56 hours (see syllabus and course framework)

Captain Flynn Smith Jr. is the narrator for the audio portion of this course. He has over thirty-five years of experience as an instructor and will share his expertise with you. The audio lecture provides explanations for many important concepts contained in this curriculum.  To begin, locate the play button for the audio lecture.  Clicking the play button will begin the audio, which will play while you read the text.  Using the player controls, you may pause the audio at any time, replay a section, or adjust the volume.  All of the materials can be reviewed as many times as needed.  Final exam questions may be taken from text, audio, videos, and diagrams.  It is important to read and listen to all the content, as well as complete all practical exercises and online course quizzes. We highly recommend satisfactorily completing each module before proceeding to the next module.

Materials that you will need for this course include:

All are acceptable for the class as well as on the proctored final exam.
  • paper
  • mechanical or sharp pencil
  • eraser
  • non-programmable calculator
  • parallel rulers and dividers for plotting
  • three-stranded line for knot tying and splicing *Not required for exam
  • Time, Distance, Speed Wheel (optional)
  • Weems Rolling Ruler (optional)
  • magnifying glass (optional)

Links To Helpful Publications

*The links listed above are a compilation of free online publications. Save them to your favorites so that you can continue to access them after completing the course. When the USCG inspects your vessel you may use the online versions of these required publication instead of purchasing expensive hard copies. They are updated online every 30 days and free. The USCG requires a DC (battery) inverter as back up in case you lose power so you can still download these pubs.

In addition to the on-line materials, your package of information includes TR12354 training chart and an abbreviated USCG approved reprints from the Light Lists and Coast Pilots.

The contact form on our website homepage can be used to assist with questions you may have as you progress through the course. The menu above will allow you to access any section that you need to review.

A passing score on these quizzes is 100%. Any missed questions will show up under your score with the correct answer. After the correct answer in Rules of the Road the applicable Rule will be shown so that you can go back to that Rule to review. If you do not successfully complete a quiz, a Restart Quiz button will be displayed at the end allowing you to try the quiz again. Always record which questions you miss then make sure to review them until they are mastered as it is important that you understand every concept presented.

The Final Review tab is a link to all quizzes. Practice those until test day. The Final Review will guide you on the procedures to schedule the proctored final exam, review for this exam, and what materials you will need to bring to the exam. This section will also direct you to the forms for completing USCG paperwork. All USCG Forms to complete paperwork can be found by going to the United States Coast Guard website.