OUPV / Six Pack Captains License Course

(Terms and Conditions)

Terms and Conditions

I understand that each section of the curricula must be completed, including all audio lectures, written curricula, videos, practical exercises, quizzes and tests, prior to sitting for the proctored final exam.  Scores of 90% of better must be achieved on practice quizzes and tests.

I agree that I meet the qualifications for an OUPV (6 pack license), if that is my intent.  Application for this license must be made to the USCG and Captains Marine does not guarantee license approval.

I have a social security number and photo identification (both need to be available at testing site).  A copy of the photo identification must be presented at the testing center prior to testing. 

I understand that the information contained in this course is for training purposes. Publication information and chart information may change routinely, and all mariners are expected to keep current with changes that affect them outside the realm of this course.  It is recommended that I continue to update my information on regulations and safety information subsequent to taking this course. Captains Marine is not responsible for any misapplication of this information either directly or indirectly.

I understand that all rights are reserved and that no part of this course may be reproduced without written permission by Captains Marine.