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"Character References Not Required"

*New – The REC’s are only accepting electronic applications at present including payment by only.

1. original license 
a. officer endorsements only 
b. original officer endorsement $100  
c. issuance fee $45 total $145 

2. renewals  
a. officer endorsements only 
b. officer renewal $50 
c. issuance fee $45 total $95 

3. renewal and raise of grade  
a. officer  endorsement only 
b. officer renewal and raise of grade  $100 
c. issuance fee $45 total $145.

Please see document below on electronic submissions.

*The list of REC's is under the USCG Links listed on this page.*

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Captains License Consulting

Price $100

With over 35 years of experience Capt. Flynn Smith can expedite your application providing the quickest turn around on your license. Capt. Smith knows how to solve application problems and can help you avoid costly delays.